Support Projects


Prerequisite for an effective and smooth coordination of a multi-disciplinary collaboration of different partners of the consortium is an efficient entrepreneurial management infrastructure. Project M implements such a system.

  • M (M, MB): Establishment of an industry-like structure and professional management of Neuroallianz Consortium

Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure projects are cross-sectional projects within the Neuroallianz project portfolio.

List of Neuroallianz Infrastructure Projects:

  • I1 (I1, I1B): Implementation of a compound library and extension, qualitative optimization and scientific use of compound library
  • I2 (I2, I2B): Central IT Platform and ProMiner RDF Enhancement
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To provide the German location of biotechnology and pharma industry with fresh impulsion, the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) started the pharma initiative "BioPharma: The Strategy Competition for Future Medicines". The Neuroallianz Consortium was nominated for this initiative.

The Neuroallianz Consortium has created a novel strategic partnership where various academic institutions and companies are working jointly on innovative diagnostic and therapeutic research projects. The aim is to efficiently transform research into benefits for the patients.

Main focuses are diagnostic and therapy of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's Disease, or Alzheimer's Dementia, and Epilepsy.

Duration: 2009 – 2018

Budget: 40 Mio. €